Automating Emailbody - Approval and Rejection

Hi Nanbargaley,

I have developed workflow which extract data from a website and it will save it in a excel sheet and the same excel sheet will sent to a client for approval or rejection.

Here I have created Approval and Rejection in Email body as a hyperlink using HTML, if Client clicks Approval it will open a new draft to the same sender for reply and same same steps for the rejection as well.
But in the above steps client need to click send button in the newly opened draft for reply to same sender, if there is any steps to automating the reply mail by simply click the hyperlink in the trail email body without opening draft and click send again.
Kindly anyone help me.

Vanakam :pray: @Manii_K

Yes, you can include below tag in your HTML Hyperlink to autoreply.

“<a href=”“”“>Click here to Reply”

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Hi @vignesh.ks

Thanks for ur time when I add this above mentioned html tag I got the same which I done previously, my need is that I have to reply to sender by simply clicking Approval or Rejection button not again to click on send button in newly opened draft
Could you help me on this issue