SendHot Keys for Excel Custom Auto Filter Shortcut

how to provide shortcut key for Excel Custom Auto Filter Shortcut
Go to a Cell We need to press Alt key and then Downarrow and then f and then n
Alt+ DownArrow+ f + n

this combination is not working with SendHotKeys… any suggestions?


May I know what you are trying to do with the help of this Shortcut key ?

I need to show this “Custom Auto Filter” Window and enter the values to do the filtering in the Excel… once filter applied, save the file and upload to an application.

this shortcut key (Alt+ DownArrow+ f + n) will display the Custom Auto Filter…
Note: before this command Ctrl+Shift+l will enable the Filter


  1. Use Start Process activity to open the Excel file.

  2. And then Navigate to required cell.

  3. And then use Type Into activity and pass it below.


Thank you Lakshman, its not working yet…


Are you getting any error ?

No Errors… typeinto is going to somewhere… so i placed delaybetweenkeys to know what its doing… [k(alt)] its Pressing Alt and then its releasing… hence DownArrowKey does not works with Alt… here… Alt should be pressed all the time and then Downarrow and then fn


Is it opening that window manually if you send all keys together at a same time ?

yes its opening manually… the issue i see is Alt is pressed and release… for this Alt key has to be pressed all the time till the 3 other keys are done pressing

Ok i think i got it…

i need to use d(alt) and then last need to use u(alt) so its keep pressing Alt and then executes the command…

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