Excel Auto filter popup


Hey RPA devs. I’m trying to trigger the excel auto filter dropdown. As below. It’s triggered by CRL + Down.

I have tried send hotkey and type into but with no luck. Any ideas ?
I’m doing the select cell before sending the key combo.



use filter table activity…

Hope this may help you.



You can also use select statement. Please see the below link.

How to use select statement


Thanks for the reply. I have had a look and this seems to require that I have a filter table setup in excel whereas I need to update the excel autofilter. :frowning_face: which means i’m getting the error “table name does not exist”

I assume this required me to change the excel and I can’t do that but I need to place into a filtered state. So for example below I want colum ‘C’ to use the autofilter to set as ‘1’ and save the document. Am I missing how to use the filter table to do this ?


would I be better doing this in VBScript ?


thanks for your reply. I don’t think this will work in this case as I need to set the atofilter and save the result hence why I’m trying to use CTRL + DOWN and then set using the ‘e’ type the value and enter. I just can’t get the popup to show with CTRL + DOWN


If anyone is interested I was able to filter by a value in the sheet using the context menu for one of the cells. Which can be pulled up with SHIFT + F10

see outline below.

I did have to change the typeinto selector as below.


Use invoke vba code hope it may help you