Push Excel Shortcut

Hi Everyone,

Is there any way open Excel and push “Excel’s shortcut”
I have been trying “Send Hotkey” not able to do it.

To create Table in Excel - CTR+T and then Enter
to paste PasteSpecial = copy and Alt+E+S

HI @mukeshy12390

You can try with Start Process activity

In my Environment this the path of excel file and you can also check in you environment

"C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Excel 2016.lnk"

Check out the short cut


how to do it using Uipath?

may be I didn’t explain well. I will tell you what I’m looking for.

I have excel file saved in folder

what I want to do open excel → goto sheet “mysheet” → select Range “A1:D10” and apply formatting using shortcut “Alt +O+V+A”.

“Alt +O+V+A” = Excel shortcut for AutoFormat option (it has several pre defined format to use).

HI @mukeshy12390

For Opening the excel file use

Excel application scope activity → Properties Visible

After that you can can use Send Hotkey activity.


sending key is the challenge for me … would be you please assist how to do it.

ALT+O+V+A is the shortkey
how I can send key "Alt then O then V then A then Enter


You need to use Auto Format

here problem statement is “how to do auto format” using uipath.

I want to send shortkey from uipath to Excel to do that after opening excel file

Hi @mukeshy12390

Spy your excel window directly. And give the title attribute like this in selector title=‘*’ . Then use send keys to send to that excel directly using the selector that you got for whole excel window

It would be something like this

wnd app=‘excel.exe’ cls=‘XLMAIN’ title=‘*’


sending key is something I’m not able to do…

would you show me how to do it?

finally able to do it… using “Send Hotkey”.

helpful post : Send Hotkey

but shortkey is not working in which “press and hold” is required.

for example “CTR+T” doesn’t work. any suggestion on that?

Hi @mukeshy12390

To hold use [d(ctrl)] and for up use [u(ctrl)]


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