Hot key down arrow


I am using filter in excel and trying to send hotkey “alt+down arrow”. please tell me how to do this.



Hi @Atul_Rai,
Have you tried the activity ‘send hotkey’, tick ‘alt’ and choose ‘down’ from the Key menu? Alternatively you may play with ‘type into’ activity - e.g. use ‘+’ to choose the keys one by one from the menu. Some parts of the thread that might also help are here:


Thanks @PAD. I used send Hotkey and it is working.

I want to delete last row of my excel sheet can you help me with this?


No problem. As for deleting the last row, have you tried e.g. to use the activity ‘Select Range’ and then another ‘send hotkey’ activity, where you put ‘Ctrl’ +"-". You may also use ‘Remove data row’, see also:

To find the last row you may use ideas from this thread:

Hope this helps.