Hot key down arrow

I am using filter in excel and trying to send hotkey “alt+down arrow”. please tell me how to do this.


Hi @Atul_Rai,
Have you tried the activity ‘send hotkey’, tick ‘alt’ and choose ‘down’ from the Key menu? Alternatively you may play with ‘type into’ activity - e.g. use ‘+’ to choose the keys one by one from the menu. Some parts of the thread that might also help are here:

Thanks @PAD. I used send Hotkey and it is working.

I want to delete last row of my excel sheet can you help me with this?

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No problem. As for deleting the last row, have you tried e.g. to use the activity ‘Select Range’ and then another ‘send hotkey’ activity, where you put ‘Ctrl’ +“-”. You may also use ‘Remove data row’, see also:

To find the last row you may use ideas from this thread:

Hope this helps.