Send STMP Message different outcomes


I’ve seen this discussion going around for a bit now, and I haven’t been able to find an actual solution I can trust.
I’ve been sending STMP Gmail mail messages for a while, and it has always worked fine, but recently I’ve started to get stuck during that activity, and not always getting the same result. Sometimes the activity throws an exception, saying it couldn’t connect to the mail service (which I can at least catch and move on with the workflow), and other times it gets stuck infinitely trying to connect. This second error is harder to handle, where I usually have to manually kill the process. (I’ve tried putting the activity into a parallel, with a throw on the other side after 10 seconds, and even got a throw faulted error).
I’ve read that there’s maybe a process in the background preventing the robot from connecting to the mail service, but even restarting the machine before running it hasn’t worked. I will try reinstalling the studio to see if that fixes things, but isn’t there a more viable solution that can make sure it won’t happen again in the future?

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EDIT: I have the latest studio installed (2021.10.5)
EDIT 2: I have reinstalled studio and assistant, and it still doesn’t work

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Hey @matias.lynch

Are you using the Timeout property in the activity ?


Turn Off your “Anti-Virus” and then try.

HI @matias.lynch

Can you rollback to the old package and have a try.

You need to Increase the Timeout in the properties panel


Hi @matias.lynch

Its actually occurs try using Exchange mail messages instead stmp!

And also refer to the thread below!


Hey pravin,
Thanks for the response. I’ve been trying to get the Send Exchange Mail Message activity working, with no luck. I’ve read like a dozen articles looking for the information needed to complete the properties panel, but haven’t found one for my case. I’m not sure GMail allows a free account to use Exchange though, or at least that’s what I read here.

Hey Nithin,
All activities come with a default 30 second timeout, which should be throwing an error, but it doesn’t.

Hey Karuna,
I can’t do that, since it’s not my machine.