Send SMTP Mail Message: Illegal characters in path

Hi All,

I trying to send the SMTP mail through UiPath. The activities is initially placed under excel scope. Later, i have moved out of excel scope and declared the variable to add the html file into mailbox to send. I am getting some issue on the mail sending part.

Send SMTP Mail Message: Illegal characters in path.

I checked many times on the illegal characters in path.

Responses are really does matter to fix this issue :slight_smile:

Janarthanan A


Check IsBodyhtml is enabled in the activity properties

Also if you are passing any attachment, check the filename contains any special characters which are not allowed in File Naming

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Hi @Janarthan_0310,

This error will occur when you are using forbidden characters in a filepath. This includes symbols \ / : * ? " < > and |

Are you attaching a file with any of those characters?

Earlier, i have trying to attach the file which name contains : in filename and now i have tried to use space in the filename. For ex:- 2020 07 16 is the file name with html format.

Hi @Janarthan_0310,

That sounds like the cause of your issue. Give the filepath as a standard variable, like FilepathVar or Config.Rows(x).Item(y).ToString