Illegal characters in path in Email attachments


I use UiPath.Mail.Activities.SaveMailAttachments. (version 1.4.1)

For some MailItems, I have files with the syntax “toto.titi.tutu.vcf”. It seems to be the origin of the error “Illegal Characters in path”

UiPath.mail.Activities : version 1.4.1
FolderPath : “D:\TEMP”
Message : item
Filter : “.*(.xlsx|.XLSX)”

Have you another solution for me?


Attachment 1 : FileTest.xlsx
Attachment 2 :

The file “FileTest.xlsx” is copyed on the local hard disk then the error appears.


you could change the name of the file or replace (.) with another character like (_)


i hopee this is the issue
usuallly filename followed by a dot will be the file extension of that file
as you have used multiple dot symbol it shows this error
may i know why you want to use . in the file name
if not necessary we can use as @sandeep13 suggested

Cheers @batseb

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Thanks for the answers.

The emails are sent by the customers and I can’t change the “three dot rule”.
Another way instead of putting a Try Catch?