Bug in Download Email Attachment UiPath.mail.activities

Dear UiPath Team,

I just noticed a bug while downloading an email attachment when the attachment file name contains Windows’ illegal filename character.

Example: ACCOUNT-1350070: INVOICE-475388.pdf

Error: Save Attachments: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: path2

Attachment Raw:
Attachment { ContentDisposition=[attachment], ContentId=“872f1fcd-ccce-4d73-b48c-b1baee19a43d”, ContentStream=MemoryBlockStream { CanRead=true, CanRead=true, CanSeek=true, CanSeek=true, CanTimeout=false, CanTimeout=false, CanWrite=true, CanWrite=true, Length=118327, Length=118327, Position=0, Position=0, ReadTimeout=!, WriteTimeout=! }, ContentType=[application/pdf; name=“ACCOUNT-1259920: INVOICE-474467.pdf”], Name=“ACCOUNT-1259920: INVOICE-474467.pdf”, NameEncoding=null, TransferEncoding=Base64 }

When I try to download the file from the browser, it will download normally and replace the illegal character with underscore _

Can you please update the package and replace the illegal characters with _ or something?

Here is the list of the illegal characters

  < (less than)
  > (greater than)
  : (colon)
  " (double quote)
  / (forward slash)
  \ (backslash)
  | (vertical bar or pipe)
  ? (question mark)
  * (asterisk)

Hey Khaled,

Thank you for your feedback and insights.

We have created a Feature Request for this and we will come back with updates on it.

If you have other suggestions or needs don’t hesitate to ask them on the forum.

Thank you,