How to add “follow up reminder for mail recipients” for “Send Outlook Mail Message” activities?

I use “Send Outlook Mail Message” activities to send mail, and want to add the calendar of “follow up reminder for mail recipients", but can’t find the way. Can you help me? Thank!

Create a rule which on receiving mail with specific subject would execute a .bat file. The .bat file will contain script to invoke Uipath bot.

please follow these steps :
Outlook > Home > Rules > Create Rule > Advanced Options.
Select Condition of ‘with ‘XYZ’ as subject name’ and click Next
Select Action ‘flag message for follow us at this time’.

To create script in .bat file, Copy this line in notepad & save it as .bat file.
“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiRobot.exe” -f “C:\RPA challenge\msg.xaml”
“Uirobot.exe path” -f “xaml File Path”

To check if you need to evoke bot from here you can set this rule for specific types of mails.