How to schedule a outlook meeting invite using uipath

Anyone tried scheduling a meeting in outook using uipath activities
Please let me know

Hello Venkata,
You can first check how to programmatically schedule an outlook meeting.
I found this link which shares C# code in this regard.

Now that we know the activity is possible programmatically, we can next explore 2 options.

  1. Check if there are any packages / libraries exposed by Microsoft
  2. Invoke code / Invoke process activities and reuse the code from the above mentioned URL.

Hope this helps to get you started.

Hi @Venkata_Premchand

You can try using Send Outlook meeting actitity.

Praveen Kumar P

Thank you praveen will check and let you know

I used said activity and scheduled a meeting and it is working fine.
How can i send those parameters dynamically?
Can i have an excel sheet and force the bot pick from there?

Hi @Venkata_Premchand

Sorry for late response!

You can send dynamically by using the read range and iterate through for each loop

Parameters can be your row values.