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I have searched these forums and found a multitude of posts about an issue named similarly but have not found any that actually deal with my issue, so any help would be much appreciated.

Windows 10, Office 365 desktop installation, most recent Stable UiPath build.

We have an attended Robot sending an email from one of multiple and not the primary email account for the user of the bot. We have confirmed that use can read and write emails when manually operating the UI. We have confirmed that the robot can read the emails in the secondary inbox but cannot send them.

We receive the “Account not found” error message.

We’ve tried using the specified account name rather than the email address and verified this by using to get emails from the inbox as a test.

We have checked our trust center programmatic access settings and they are set to “recommended” which means “warn me only if my antivirus is off or out of date”. Our antivirus is neither of those things.

Any one got any idea why we can read, but can’t send emails from a secondary email account?

We’ve also worked through all variations of case sensitivity of the account and email address that made sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Account string is sometime case sensitive
Did we try getting the exact account name and mention the same in the send mail activity

And by the way can we see the property of the activity if possible



Thanks for the reply. As covered in the body of my request, we’ve tested the name using the get mail activity so we know that the account name is correct. We have also tried various forms of case and have definitely matched the case accurately.

We’ve checked it against the mail account details and even used it in a get mail activity. I’ll supply the properties below too.


Hello all

I have found the solution myself, if anyone is interested.

An attended uipath robot can only send emails from accounts that are configured under the Info > Account Information tab of Outlook. It doesn’t matter if you can see the inbox, send emails from it, or read emails from it manually as these settings might be controlled by exchange settings.

To use an alternative inbox in outlook you must have manually added the inbox as if it an account you own - even if the inbox is already present and available to you.

As soon as I added the shared inbox account under the Account Information tab of outlook the robot could now access the inbox to send emails. I presume this is to do with local vs exchange side settings.



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