Send outlook mail from a group account

How to send an outlook email through a group account?

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  1. Configure the shared mailbox as a separate account in Outlook, pass the account name in the “Account” property

  2. you can create a custom activity for this

For custom activities, you can refer to link:


You will have an example of how it develops …

@JoeV Sorry i do not have anything ready with me

@JoeV If you already have group account configured in your outlook just use send outlook Mail message activity and specify the visible account name as in outlook in the Input account property as shown below.
Note that just configuring the outlook mailbox in the system won’t work, you need to have rights granted to send email from a shared account.

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Thanks for your prompt response.

I tried it that way but I get an error because it does not find the group account.
Or have a special configuration in outlook?

@JoeV what do you see in the outlook mailbox for the account- the name or the email Id?

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Hi put your group account email adress in thé field send on behalf. Put your own account in thé regular account field. This should work. @JoeV

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Thank you very much, it worked for me.

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