Send outlook email activity sends an email twise

i have two different doubts in email activities:

I can see in send outlook email activity sometime the same mail has been sent twice.not all the time. is there any changes we should do in outlook?
i can see following issues when i use kill outlook process

before i start my flow i use kill process then i will read mail after reading respective mail will be moving to success mail folder. many times i could see though the mail is there in the folder it says there is no mail to process and sometimes mail folder movement is not happening

is anyone faced same issues? kindly let me know if any permanent solutions

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I don’t have any issues till now with outlook @Abisha and you don’t need to kill outlook process which is opened and configured in the local machine. You are just reading the mails and sending the mails using those configurations.
Can you check by upgrading the packages to latest version

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Hi Hareesh,

Thanks for the suggestion mine is already updated version only. i am sure i am facing this error only when i use kill process at the top of my business flow.

Yeah, you don’t need to kill the outlook process I guess as it is configured in our local,

Can you please let me know why you are using kill process?


Can you recheck your condition of reading emails to move success folder. I hope that’s the only possible for project fail and also check your if statement [ Space , Ucase , Contains ] Logic set properly.

Srenivasan Kannan

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Hi Sreni,

This issue is not happening all the time, if everytime it happens then my logic might be wrong but not all the time its wrong. rarely it happens

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Try to replace ‘send outlook email activity’ with ‘Exchange Mail Message Activity’. It is more reliable and can be used to send outlook mails.

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generally before i start my process always i used kill process (for excel,outlook) to make the process faster. to avoid any duplicates

i will try this once @chaitanya.kulkarni

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@Abisha If you are going with ‘Exchange Mail Message Activity’, you will not need to even kill Outlook. As it send mails in background.

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ok i was not aware of it let me check it. Thanks