Send SMTP mail message activity vs send outlook mail message


I am currently trying to send an Outlook message when an exception is met in my process. Unfortunately whilst using the Send Outlook Mail message activity the email sits in the Outbox until I open Outlook, which is then finally sent. This is not ideal as in order for this process to run, Outlook is required to be closed. Does anyone have any experience with this issue who could maybe assist please?

I then moved onto trying the Send SMTP mail message, using the Forward MailMessage property, this works but for some reason an additional email address is added into the To: field. The additional email address is the address of the originator of the email. Hopefully this makes sense, any advise would be much appreciated.



Check your outlook every time user should click to sync to connect items or user need to provide for password for to in sync

May be that is the reason it’s not sending .

SMTP : Ideally in 2 address it will display provided email address only

Can you share the screen shot for better understanding.

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Naveen ch

Thanks, I’ve checked the outlook settings and they all appear to be ok. Sync is set up to automatically sync. Attached is a screenshot of the SMTP activity. We are passing a variable which contains a string of 2 email addresses. A third email address is getting added however from the person who sent the initial email (ie. is contained in the body when you hit forward) Thanks, Tscreen