Send hotkey is entering data in search bar while doing web recording

Hello all,

While doing Practice2 of Lesson 4 , during web recording and typing the content(Weather in london) and pressing enter and then selecting send hotkey button , this text(enter) is being added into my search text(The hotkey which is being typed. In this case it is enter). How do I prevent this?

Screenshots added.

Please help.

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How have you programmed this ? Are you adding [Enter] key command at the end of the Type Into?

An alternative would be to use Send Hotkey as a separate activity.

Hi Richard,

I am using Send Hotkey as a seperate activity to add enter Key. Please refer my screenshots. This is one of the exercises in RPA Basic Training.

I think you should try [k(enter)] instead of enter since the focus is still on search field(not 100% sure)

Hi vvaidya,

I have already tried this but no luck :frowning:

I meant the below way, once you type select enter in the list.

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Yep I am doing the same way as you have mentioned. But according to the Practise exercise 2 of Chapter 4 we have to use the send hotkey control from recording menu to capture send hotkey activity after typing ‘weather in london’ and pressing enter.

Works fine in Internet Explorer - might be easier to use that to start with as not everything works as well in Chrome.

Main.xaml (6.6 KB)

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the .xaml file. I have attached mine .xaml file as well. Request you to have a look . The only difference I can see between your and mine recording is that while sending hotkeys they are not being taken as Type input. Also the special key checkbox is not checked when recording is done.

Don’t know what I am missing :frowning:

Waiting for your guidance.

Thanks in advance
AditiWeb_Recording.xaml (7.4 KB)

Your workflow is working correctly on my machine. I’m not really sure what else to suggest.

The special key checkbox should be ticked as should activate.


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Hi, Version 2017.1.6309 seems to have a bug in it: "Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI action" error while running Lesson 2 Practice 1 - #19 by davinescobar

@Adi, I have the same problem, and a workaround, perhaps.

  1. I can see from your screenshot that the “Send Hotkey” dialog, like mine (Win7, 64-bit, Version 17.1.6435) is missing the dropdown arrow.
  2. Instead of entering anything in the dialog, move your mouse outside the dialog and hit “Enter”. In my case, that gets the search to New York weather, and the rest of the workflow performs as expected.
  3. Save and edit the sequence. In the section of the recording sequence titled “Send hotkey ‘iexplore.exe Google’”, look at the dialog box - it now has an arrow for the dropdown.
  4. Click the dropdown, and choose “enter” from the list, then press “Enter” on your keyboard. This section of the sequence should now look like this:
  5. Now all you have to do is customize the sequence as described in the walkthrough, that is, change the output of 'Get full text ‘SPAN wob_tm’ to a variable you create called ‘temperature’, and add a message box next, right before the “Close browser” activity. Here’s the result:

So it works. I just created this from start to finish while I was entering this reply, so it does work. The key to this is the workaround described in 2) above.

@badita, I think this may actually be a bug. Perhaps it is only in some Windows versions.


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Same here, I am using Type Into activity but when I press enter UiPath will record it as “My String [k(enter)]”

When I run the workflow it will type “My String [k(enter)]” into the text bar instead of pressing enter key on the keyboard.

Hi @DenyChristi

Have you tried changing these properties?

The behaviour you’ve mentioned is explained in our Academy foundation course. Basically, if you have simulate type on, it will literally type [k(enter)] into whatever fields you have active. However, with it set to off, it will work as an Enter key press.

Try it out and let us know :slight_smile: