Send Hotkey activity for pressing Enter Button is not working

Hi Community,

I’m trying to fetch live NSE data by typing Name in the search bar and fetch the data.

But it is working fine until typing the name in the search bar but not pressing enter to show the search results.
I have used.
-For Each row
-Type Into[row(“Name”).ToString]
-Send Hotkey(Enter)

Let me know what changes I have to make.
Thanks in Advance

Instead of Send hotkey activity

In the Type into activity → Click on the Plus button → Select the Enter option




Yes I have tried , but not working both ways.

Can you do it manually ? @Vaishnav_Tej

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

Indicate the element on the screen for send hotkey activity and check it

Hello @Vaishnav_Tej

Instead of using hot keys to get the seacrh data, can you click on the search button and then fetch the data.

Any challenges?


Yes Manually it’s working fine.
This is home page of NSE

This is after typing sbin in the search bar and pressing enter

No, that’s not possible.

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej, Can you try this “Stock Name”+ “[k(enter)]” in your Type into.

What I need to indicate?

Indicate the screen and check it

Still same …it is not entering.

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

Can you share the website link with number that type in the text box


Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

  1. Use Type into activity

  2. Delay → “00:00:05”

  3. Send Hotkey activity


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In Type Into Property, can you provide DelayBetweenKeys as 200.


Try as below, by disabling simulate type.
“Stock Name”+ “[k(enter)]”


Have you test it @Vaishnav_Tej , It is working ah?


By giving delays before and after it is working but not always.

Sometime it is throwing error as below

This issue is a new one Right? If yes Create a new topic for this.

Note : The error tell that Ui is not appear in the background or your are check it from the different Ui

Just monitor for a day and set the Delay time accordingly.