Send Email via Outlook


I want to send an email via outlook account. There is new functionality added to select Microsoft Azure Information Protection. In this, we have to select the sensitivity level before sending the email.

I want to send an email via my workflow.
Please tell an alternative for this

Thank you

Hi @Purvi

Does this window pop up after the activity to send an email finishes? Is it not possible to click one of the options afterwards?

Try this (worked for me):

  1. Use a “Try Catch” block
  2. Put the “Send Outlook Mail” in the try
  3. Select “TimeoutException” in the Catch section
  4. Define in it what IP you want by clicking on it and send


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Hi all,

I have got the same issue as @Purvi . In our company this pop-up window appears, after clicking the “send” button in outlook. You have to select one option and click “send” in the pop-up window.

The solution of @MW23 is not working for me. The bot does not recognize this pop-up window. Does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem, that the bot recognizes the pop-up window and click something, that the e-mail is really send?

Thank you.

Try to change Spying mode by clicking F4.
Then put the Send Outlook Email and Click in the parallel activity.