Sensitivity in activity Send Outlook Mail Message

My organization changed Outlook email sensitivity requirement recently. After that, UiPath could not send email out automatically. The following window will popup and pend manual input.

Did anyone encounter the same issue and how did you resolve it?


There are Sensitivity options in the Properties of Send Outlook Mail Message. However, the options are different from the sensitivities in the popup window as shown below.


In one of my environments, security dialog for duration time to allow to access Outlook is shown, when UiPath accesses Outlook. To resolve this. put Click activity in left lane of Parallel activity and put Get/Send Outlook MailMessage activity in right lane.

This might help you.



Hi Yoichi, great! You methods works. I attached a screenshot and my script here for other people’s reference in case that other people encounter the same issue. I also put short delay in Click activity to control click sequence.

Power Automate has sensitivity options but UiPath’s Sensitivity option is not working. I hope UiPath can have the same sensitivity options like Power Automate.


Send Outlook Mail (61.7 KB)

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