Send and receive mails using Office 365 and Excahnge online

right now I am trying to figure out, how I can use the “Get Exchange Mail Message” activity to read the emails that I receive.
Unfortunatelly I do not know how to use this activity because I don’t use a On-Prem Excahnge server. I use a Exchange Online.
Does anyone know how to get the ‘Get Exchange Mail Message’ working?

  • How do I find out, what my domain is?

  • Which Exchange version do I use?

  • What´s the Server name?

Thank you for your help!


on a quick browse I found this link

Let me know if it answers your question


My company uses Office 365 Online too and I would also like to know which ‘Exchange Version’ to select from the dropdown list for sending emails with Exchange, or if I have to use SMTP/IMAP activities instead.

I’m in the same boat. I’d like to know the best way to connect to an Office 365 mailbox.

please try IMAP Activity (Get IMAP Mail Messages)
Server = (reference POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings)
Port = 993
MailFolder = “Inbox”
Email = “your email address” (eg.
Password = “your password”
SecureConnection = Auto

unfortunatelly, due to company policy, IMAP is not enabled so I can not use the IMAP Activity.
is there any other way I can access my mails

Hi @Clemens_Steinbauer - Do you have the solution now. I am on the same boat.

no I had to use a workaround…

I was able to make it work for me. Though without a lot of testing yet to verify, but this appears to be working…
The server address for the off prem exchange server is
I left the exchange version to the default
domain is populated (I used uppercase but doubt if that matters)
user is an email address
pw is the pw for that email address
a value for Top is required
I’m on 2019.10.3