Office 365 Exchange Online - Send Exchange Mail Activity, HOW?!

Hi All, and especially Ui Path.

I’ve searched the forum and google and no one have come up with a proper answer for, how do we connect “Send Exchange Mail” activity to Office 365, and how do we do it with a shared mailbox. Every single topic on this forum is still unanswered, and it’s been over a year since the first post about this.

I have already tried all the basics with auto discover (cannot locate) and setting the server path to “” and many different login information combinations on both.

I see soo many topics about this unanswered, is there a “I have a license”-subforum where we can be guaranteed an answer, or do I need to send our ui path contact, as enterprise customer to get an answer?

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and Office365 auto discover is properly setup btw.

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The new Outlook send mail activity contains a field send on behalf that vworks with shared mailboxes

True and I’ve tried it but nothing works with Exchange Online / Office365. so if you have that working please upload a redacted image (user and PW), but explain if you use domain ligon with username and domain or UPN credential and what server to connect to or if your autodiscover works with exchange online I would like to know that as well. just so I have something to go back to my sysadmin and say the it is something in their config. But for now no one have confirmed that they have it working with exchange online and no one have shown an example of it.

I’m using the “send on behalf” field already with local exchange, but I’ve seen some users say that you need to use “MySharedMailbox/inbox” and others say that you should use

-Thank You

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turns out, this is an internal issue about validating from Exchange Online and into our local domain.

I would just like to add how i got to this conclusion so others have a chance to test if they are in the same “boat”.

Step one is to verify DNS setup for your Exchange, so go to
Click the Office 365 General Tests > Office 365 Exchange Domain Name Server (DNS) Connectivity Test
Here you test you domain and make sure it all returns OK (green)

next on your domain lookup your UPN using powershell

Step two is to do a new search from the link but this time run Outlook Autodiscover and use your UPN

now expand the result and have a look at the red one, should be the last sub test if you have the same issue as me. Expand it fully and read the details of what your issue is. if all is green from those tests some thing else is wrong.

But after i presented these results for my backoffice they confirmed that the issue was Exchange Online not being able to verify users this specific way (EWS) in our AD.

They also made me aware about the chage from EWS to Graph/OAuth and discontinue of EWS login from 13 Otc. 2020, so i would guess that UiPath need to update their library regarding Send Exchange Mail.


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