Unable to Exchange mail in Studio

Hi, I am new to UiPath.

We have exchange mail and I have details of server name, domain and credentials. I see exchange mail is no longer available in recent windows. How do I connect using office 365?

Hi @Vineela_N

Use Get Imap or Smtp

Check this:

Check this for send SMTP:

Check this for Get IMAP:

Hi @Vineela_N

  1. Drag and drop the Exchange Scope activity into your workflow.

  2. Configure the properties of the Exchange Scope activity:

  3. Use the Get Mail Messages activity inside the Exchange Scope activity to read emails:

    • For example, you can set the Output property to a variable called “mailMessages”.
  4. Use a For Each loop to iterate through the mailMessages variable and process the emails as needed.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Vineela_N

If you want to send mails or get mails from exchange you can
=> Use the Send SMTP Mail message to send exchange mails
=> Use the Get IMAP Mail message activity to get the mails.

For using both activities you have to give the Server name and port in the activity properties.
Provide your mail id and password in the properties.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you all for the reply. Actually we are using MAPI. Is there a way to use that activity ?

@pravallikapaluri I am giving details in Exchange server scope. I am getting error as "The WinRM client cannot process the request. The connection string should be of the form [://][:][/] where transport is one of “http” or “https”. Transport, port and suffix are optional. The host may be a hostname or an IP address. For IPv6 addresses, enclose the address in brackets - e.g. “http://[1::2]:80/wsman”. Change the connection string and try the request again.