Selectors working randomly and sometimes


I have this problem in my workflow where sometimes, the element/selector is found and the process continues, and sometimes, the element/selector is not found and the process throws an exception.

Is there any way to make the workflow/process more stable? Thanks!

@iceicecreme You can make selectors dynamic use ui explorer and check

I meant for example, the workflow can identify element A in the 1st run and 2nd run, then 3rd run it throws an exception because it couldn’t find the selector. And when I run it the 4th time, it can identify again. That’s what I meant that it can sometimes identify element A and sometimes it cannot identify element A.

@iceicecreme Selectors are changing for 2 Elements so use incremented variable in selectors follow below link

How to pass variables in selectors

But I don’t have 2 elements. I only have 1 element and resetting then running the process again and again. In some runs, process continues, but in some runs, process throws exception. That’s my confusion…

Hi iceicecreme
i have exactly the same issue, the Robot can work fine for a few times and suddenly throw an exception that it can not find the element !!
did you mange to find a work around ??

Hi Amr_Amer

Previously, I saved the file in a OneDrive and processed it. So I moved the file to a local drive and processed it, and the error didn’t appear anymore. I think it’s probably an issue with permissions on OneDrive, or that OneDrive caused the instability. This was the issue I faced, not sure whether it will help you.

Try Parallel Processing with two different selectors using try catch … Hope this works

i was building a data scrapping from a website based on user inputs , apparently if there are two chrome instants opened for the same site , the selector goes crazy , when i ensured that all instants are closed , it become stable again :slight_smile:

Instead of attach browser using Selectors use Browser variables…Even if you have more tabs on the same title name it will properly identify the browser.

thanks Karthick_Settu
, but can you elaborate more on how using browser available ( i am still a newbie on RPA :slight_smile: )

I am new to UiPath. I am doing a project and when I am selecting(clicking) the button so it is running fine first and again second time when I am clicking the same button it is throwing error so again I have to change the selector and again it will run. So, I can’t change the selectors again and again. Anyone can help me


Using dynamic variable. Create one variable and assign selectors value to it (which is working fine) and in properties pane update selector with that variable name. This works fine.

Thank you, but it is not working any other way which I can perform.

Check this video - this might help you
How to pass variables to selectors dynamically

See if your selector has idx values and remove them. Idx’s are not stable at all.