How to get UI Element where the selector properties are dynamic(changing everytime)?

has a robot process moment that I use screen scrapping, I generate a table and I pass the data to excel, sometimes it works and sometimes it appears that that element does not exist, I soon suspected that that element is dynamic and changes all the time

I noticed that there are two elements with the same id, as shown in the prints

your problem could be easily solved using a try catch. try to extract the data using the first selector. in the catch, extract the data using the second selector.

Try to avoid having Id in the selector it makes it unstable. Find a stable selector, it will work.


Can you send me an example please?

how do I know if the selector is stable or not?


see if you have specified id name in your selector, it means selector will looking for that particular id only

but page is dynamic so you need to remove id from your selector!!

If you are using any attribute which is fixed or constant it means that your script will look for only that particular element.


the problem is that it also does not recognize the attack browser, in fact sometimes it recognizes and sometimes not, how do I make the element unique?
I found these two selector

Do you have a sample workflow or something you can attach so that I can understand what you are actually trying to do.


Hello, in a part of the robot process I need to use the screen scrapping and get the information from a certain place on the screen and move to excel, however the attack browser is not recognized every time. I’m going to send a test stream.

teste07.xaml (180.6 KB)

The activity name is Attach Browser not Attack Browser

I would like to know if it has a way to make the selector recognize the window without giving error or make a condition to not give error
it´s possible?

Open Browser activity has a output as Browser Variable you can use that to recognize browser


window just pass this variable into Attach Browser activity



and if I have an attack window? it still appears that it did not find the element

sorry, I have sent the wrong flow559.xaml (180.2 KB)