ID changing every time in SAP application


I am automating the SAP application using uipath. I am using basic recording activity in uipath.
But thing is ID in SAP application is changing every time. i used UI explorer to find other attributes like Parent id or Parent name but other than ID none of the attributes are available in SAP, even i tried replacing some values of ID with wildcard(*).Even that also failed.

There is no aaname or name to select in the UIExplorer.

If i remove the ID from selector, Robot will halt, and i get selector not found exception.

Kindly find the attached screenshot of UI explorer window.

By the way i enabled scripting scripting both client and server side in SAP.

Somebody please help.

HI @rag

I am using Studio 20.2 and selectors with wildcards are fully supported.

In your case, please use the wildcard here:

This is very well known use case of ME21n transaction, when ID is changing.

Best regards, Lev

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Thanks for replying.

I will try wildcard. is there any other techniques which can automate easily without ID attributes in SAP application?

SAP ID is the most reliable method to identify elements in SAP WinGUI.

The IDs are super stable and in almost all cases are not changing or changing predictable.

The transactions for purchase order are pretty famous for their change of IDs. But this is always happening just in one place. (See screenshot above).

The solution with wildcard will work stable and forever

Best regards, Lev

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@LevKushnir, Thanks for your suggestion. Really helped me to understand the SAP automation.

Stay tuned, I am working right now on completely new SAP automation training… :wink:

Best regards, Lev

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