Selector not able to find the object

Hi everyone my selector not able to find the click object

can u pls provide the selector?


yes thanks for reply

error I am getting uipath.core.selectors notfoundexception

can u provide selectors?

oh sorry I forgot

remove “idx=1” from selectors.

thanks I already
eg I have 200 records its work fine for 12 records after this I am getting error on click not able to click on close button

have u checked on “simulate click” checkbox?

no thanks let me try

@parvati Click activity not work for even single record then I used hot key.Sorry not able to found simulate click

use send hot key its work tab… tab… tab… and enter its work

please check this image.
check on simulate click


you told me use click activity instead of send hot key…?

try with click activity
i have share u the image for simulate click.

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its work fine but after 10 records not able to work

yes but have u click on " simulate click " checkbox?

yes u can

i am asking u???

@parvati ok thanks let me try

@parvati yes its work fine for 13 record but after this I am getting this errorUntitled