Dynamic selector issues ,unable to perform click

i have made selector dynamic

Click activity is performed only in some cases not all

there is a list from A to Z
Its able to click from A to E
but its unable to click F to Z
when i debug the code,i am to see selector value that is accurate

but it doesnot click (F to Z)

please help

Hi @Ananya1

Can you share the selectors for A-E and F-Z?
So that we can compare the two selectors :slight_smile:

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i cant share

its able to find selector
but its not clicking


As @Jan_Brian_Despi said, share selector of it or show me screenshot of that error. So that we can check and help you why it is getting failed.

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there is no error coming on clicking that link

after clicking,it display a dialogue box (Save or Save As)

but it doesnot click on link so its unable to select on Save AS then it display error on Save AS

error coming in selecting SAVE AS
that “cannot find ui element”

but if it doesnt click on link,save as window wont come,hence its throwing error on Save AS

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In that case use ATTACH WINDOW activity and inside that use the click and type into activity for entering the name and save it
Make sure that simulate click property is enabled in click activity and also simulate type property is enabled in type into activity

Cheers @Ananya1


Check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage in properties of that click activity and then try again.

And also use reliable selector by removing attributes like title, idx etc…

its a webpage then also type into

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didnt work

Yah kindly try that pls

i used attach window
send hotkey for find in page(ctrl+F)
Type into

how will it gonna click

Send hot key with key tab until it reaches the field and use type into activity with string
Followed by that we can use another send hot key activity with key as enter

It’s more like how we do with only keyboards to navigate to a field and type and enter without using mouse
We are going to replicate the same with uipath activities
Cheers @Ananya1

but hotkeys for CTRL+F is not working

May I know why we use ctrl+f are we finding any word
If so try with small f ctrl+f

Cheers @Ananya1

thank you @Palaniyappan

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Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Are we good now

Yes @Palaniyappan