After some records BOT not able to click check box

Hi I am inserting data in website from excel sheet.But after some records I am not able to insert data in website.I saw the log file I found the error because of check box not selected.As mention in attachment.
I faced this issue from last 10 days but did not got solutions on forum.Please help me to resolve this issue.

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from Last few week I did not got solution or reply.Let me know if any process change to ask query…?
@Palaniyappan @Pradeep_Shiv @sandeep13 please any one help me please.

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@loginerror any one please help me

@Aditya10989 - SelectorNotFoundException occurs when robot unable to find the selector…
It could be one of the reason - your application page could’ve gone to slow response…
pls try below activities before performing the selector to eliminate the selector not found issue…
1 - OnElementAppear
2- ElementExists

Thanks for reply.But if you saw my screen shot I already add element exist.I am attaching you one more screen shot where I mention the property of element exist…??
This not work for me.

pls check the elementexists activity selector and anchor base selectors…
if you able find element using element exists activity -> change the click to a generic click activity instead of anchor base and try. there could be a chance where checkbox anchor base selector was not available…

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Thanks for reply.I will check and update you.But from last few week I am not got solution .This is due to COVIN19 or some thing I done wrong…?
or forum have changed the process for FAQs…?
Because there are some people like Palaniyappan,Pradeep_Shiv always ready to help but from last few week I did not got reply from him.

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sorry I did not understand you means to say generic click activity but I did not found this.As mention in attachment.can you explain more…?

hey buddy!
just modify selector, i think it’s selector problem

Hi Bro nice to see you.Hope you are all well.I add log file before element exist and after element exist.I saw my before element exist not work.But for few records its work fine and I don’t think any issue in selector.I am attaching selector also.

so which part you are gettin error?
like clicking on check or Searching for that element?

Searching for that element

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use anchor for element exist by opening in Ui Explorer!

yes I already done.I have 1000 records in excel its work fine almost 40 records. but after this I got error.It means error in 41th records then I again restart the application it work fine almost next 40 records. i.e 40-80

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can i see the properties of Element Exists

yes sure thanks for help.just allow me for 30 mint.Our server on maintenance.this will take 30 mint.Will show you after 30 mint

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No Problem, Take your time!

8-10 records process successfully. But after this will face issue.I think this issue related to speed up of BOT.May I know how to control the speed of BOT
eg 1-8 record done successfully after this face issue in 9th record. then I restart the application 9th to 18th then face issue in 19th and so on.
may I know what are possibility get this issue…?
What I have think it is related to speed of BOT.I am not sure
these kind of issue I faced
UiPath.Core.ElementOperationException: Timeout reached.


Hi buddy @Aditya10989
I m back

I was stuck with lot of BCP work
No worries, let’s get started.

And @sunnywilsonstore welcome to uipath community

—as you stated the it works for some time and fails for some times let’s do one thing set the Target.Waitforready property as None
And use a DELAY activity with some time value to slow down the process explicitly
This would work for sure


Instead of doing this to be In efficient way use ON ELEMENT APPEAR activity so that only if that element appears it will go ahead with the sequence mentioned within it
And set the same property here as None and try

Let’s resolve this

Cheers @Aditya10989

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Thanks buddy.Nice to see you after long time Hope you are well.your presence is enough to boost our confidence.

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