Selector Issue when using UiPath 2018.3 in a website with IFrames


I’ve recently developed a large project in UiPath 2018.1.4, which uses CRM within internet explorer. I now need to update the process to use UiPath 2018.3.3. Unfortunately, in many places I’m using CSS selectors within an IFrame which don’t seem to work with UiPath 2018.3.
To recreate the error:

  • Navigate to HTML Iframes
  • Use a highlight activity (in an Attach Browser), to highlight the this "<webctrl css-selector='#main a.w3-left.w3-btn[href=&quot;/default.asp&quot;]' />" selector. This should work with UiPath version 2018.2 and earlier but should throw an exception (Error HRESULT E_FAIL) when run in UiPath 2018.3

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue, or does anyone know of a fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks,


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Hi @Henri

Could you post a screenshot of the element that should be highlighted? It is indeed throwing an exception on Stable 2018.4.

Hi @loginerror,

Here’s what it should be highlighting:

I’ve attached a workflow I have that works with UiPath 2018.1.4. Thanks for the help!

IE (59.7 KB)

Thank you for the sample. I will report it as a bug and we will look into the cause.

Unfortunately, I cannot think of another workaround than using UiExplorer selectors instead of CSS selectors :confused:
(which works for the element)

You can also try contacting our technical support for more assistance. They might have more knowledge about the issue than me :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror,

Thanks for passing it on. I was hoping to avoid that since it’s a large project and changing all the selectors is about 3-5 days work :confused: We may have to stick with 2018.2 for now… Thanks for your help, I’ll raise this with support

Hi @Henri

Late answer!
However, the issue is now fixed in the latest activity package UiPath.UIAutomation 19.1.0 :slight_smile:

I’ve just ran your sample without an issue on 2018.4.2 and the above mentioned activity package version.


Hi @loginerror,

Thanks for the update, that’s very helpful! :slight_smile:

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