UiPath Iframe selector issues

Hello Forum Team,

I am experiencing difficulties in an Iframe selector. It is a date picker.
Trying to click on day inside it but as it is iframe no selector is being picked.
Tried using screenscraping and Click Text.
Result is coming with screen scraping output but click text is failing to find the text.

Any approaches or guidance on iframe selectors would be great.


could you share any screenshots, so that we can refer and reply. if no selector is comping up. try images activities.

It might also be possible to directly type to the field (if any) instead of using the date picker.

I tried image activities. But it is very unstable.

This is the screenshot.Imp

No. The field where I can type is disabled.


Could you suggest some alternative ways on this.

@rahul.pasupuleti This may not be so elegant but you can try this as a workaround. I believe from the screenshot you are already able to display the datepicker control. From there, you see that the current date is already highlighted by default. If your intended date is just a few days after the current date then try sending keys “right arrow” as many times as the date you want from the current date.

Hi @rahul.pasupuleti and welcome to UiPath Forum!

Have you tried using the modern UiAutomation activities? If not, can you give those a try?

We could use more details about your problem. Is it possible for you to share a simple workflow, or at least the selectors that are being generated when you indicate your target elements?

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