Can't select individual selectors from Adobe Acrobat DC Preferences 'Categories'

Hi Uipath community.

In my team, we have 16 production machines and we have several projects using different applications. One of them is Adobe Acrobat DC. We are facing a problem since Adobe Acrobat DC was updated to version 2022.003.20258 but we don’t have certain if the problem is correlated with the update.
I will try to explain better than I can the issue: We have a editable PDF that need to be filled with data and the PDF is constructed with forms. To ensure the accessibility, I developed a project in Studio using the steps explained in the follow link: Identifying UI Elements in PDF With Accessibility Options
Everything worked fine, the automation was beautiful but one day (15 day ago), my organization decided that was important to update the Adobe Acrobat Version to correct a security problem.
The project started to crash in one machine and then, one by one, the others machines started to have the same behavior. Today, we only have one machine where the project works fine.
Project crash happens when the robot press CTRL+K (Preferences) in Adobe and try to click the option ‘Page Display’ of Categories. An error message appears, indicating that is impossible to identify the expected selector. When I try to capture the information from UIExplorer, it’s impossible to recognize individual selectors and the whole area is selected:

Then, I press F4 and i’m able to select each element individually but the construction of selector changes:
Selector that used to work (and still works in one machine):

New selector:

This new selector looks very strange, and when I save the project and I try to execute it again, this new selector isn’t recognized and I get an error.
I had a meeting this morning with the team of the organization that fixes problems with applications, but they couldn’t help me. They recommended me to open a ticket with the Uipath Team, but i’m looking to find the answer in the forum first. Can you help me please?

Some additional notes: We use Studio version 2022.04 LTS and we have the same Adobe Acrobat DC version in the machines.

I ran into the same issue today. Instead of trying to click the selector, I used “Click Text” for the whole categories box. This works, but it seems like this setting keeps resetting when Adobe is reopened. I had better luck just updating the registry of the machines: