Selector issue at a website

Dear Team,

I’m facing an issue at selectors while running a website. There’s a pop-up appears on screen, even after indicating still its showing error. please go through the attached image and help me in resolving the issue.

Hi @Ram_Shiva_Reddy,

Try send hotkey activity to type Enter. It might help.

Dear Harshith,

I tried send hotkey in Attached browser and also click activity but I’m not getting permanent solution. Again its showing same error. As the browser is still loading even after the pop-up appears.

Can you close that pop up manually?

Hi @Harshith_Adyanthaya

Have you tried with Click Image activity?


Yes, I can close pop-up manually. but here the bot has to shut it down. Also given the time delay before the element exists for that pop-up. still unable to clear the issue.
Within that pop-up should I need to indicate the window or the text on that pop-up.

Yes, I have tried click image activity too. But Its only working for few minutes.


Are you using Use application/browser? if yes then use application instance…as the window pop up would be a different one rather than on the main opened window…

try providing the proper selector for it