Not able to click button in pop up

Hi,As mention in attachment I am not able to click this pop up butoon.
I used click activity and send hot key activity but not work for me

you can use ElementExist activity and based on that use if condition to click the button

yes I already used this it go inside element exist but not able to click

did we tried using Attach window and Close Window activity?

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@Aditya10989 Can you check if the selector is changing every time it appears?


after click ok then I used close window

bro try using click text/click image activity by giving some delay over there

try pressing f2 after click which gives you delay


Use Parallel activity, this might help :slight_smile:

did we try with CLICK IMAGE activity

or just send hot key activity with key as enter and no element chosen @Aditya10989

this I already used but not worked

is that send hot key activity used inside the GET ACTIVE WINDOW ACTIVITY


No.Ok I will also apply this and will update you.Because this session I got message when server restart.It restart everyday 5pm. Tomorrow I will update work or not


Place a delay activity prior the click activity