Selector for Get Text When the Value Changes each DAy

Hi, I am trying to use the Get Text activity to read a stock price. However, the selector relies on the exact stock price for when I initially indicated for the selector what to read. However, when I uncheck the aaname option, it reads other random text on the page rather than the numbers. Any ideas on this?

Please try to remove aaname from selector and try again

Hi, are you required to take the price from that page? When you get the data, when doing google search, will the result always show that page?

I’ve tried that, and it reads “Vanguard 500 Index Fund ETF” instead

I doesn’t have to be from this page. But yes, this google search will always come up with a page identical to this (the only difference will be that the price of the stock has changed because it constantly changes

Hi @Jared_Durney
this is the place where u use dynamic selector appraoch

in the selector where aaname is speciifed as aaname=‘361.43’ put it aaname attribute value as *

it will solve ur issue


Nived N
Happy Automation

Okay, I figured it out by going into UiExplorer and adjusting some things in there. Thank you all for the help!