Pick dynamic value from Web, tried * in selector but not working

Hi Team,

Can you please help - I am trying to extract data for different scripts (stock) in web, but it is not picking the value. I tried ‘*’ in selector inplace of value (3.60) but it is not working.

Selector: webctrl aaname=‘3.60’ parentid=‘knowledge-finance-wholepage__entity-summary’ tag=‘SPAN’ /

Error in case value change from 3.60 to something else:
Price: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: webctrl aaname=‘3.60’ parentid=‘knowledge-finance-wholepage__entity-summary’ tag=‘SPAN’


Is it possible to share the website or a screen of the selector ?

Link 1: value 3.60

Link 2: value 2950


What do you do, to get that informations ?

i am using screen scraping, it is working fine for all other values as they are in table for example: low, high, previous close etc (refer values below chart).
The only value which is not coming is the price which is above chart i.e. 3.60 and 2960 in case of the link provided

I tried edit Selector and putting * i.e. aaname =‘*’ in place of aaname =‘3.60’. But it is not working, only picking value for first link and not working for other links in loop (for each row)


I think you should consider making the title dynamic too…

sorry, unable to understand, have enclosed the screenshot


Try this :point_down:

<html app='firefox.exe' title='* - Recherche Google' />
<webctrl aaname='*' parentid='knowledge-finance-wholepage__entity-summary' tag='SPAN' />
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Thanks… I tried but it is also not working… it is not picking up the value (Price)…using Chrome… getting blank…


Refer this, it may help u

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Hi @dineshthaldi1

Try with below Selector

<html app='chrome.exe' title='* - Google Search' />
<webctrl aaname='*.*' parentid='knowledge-finance-wholepage__entity-summary' tag='SPAN' />

Hope this helps


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Hi@Sowndaryacse… it works… Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your help and Swift response :slight_smile:

Your welcome :grinning: