Issue with Get Text activity

I am trying to use Get Text activity to fetch certain values from webpage which are kind of fixed but the string is dynamic (that is for different employee the string values i am fetching may differ) but the get text activity always fetch the same result for all the employees.

In the pic above the aaname value is what is dynamic but i always get this value only - 11755751

Hi @shekhawat.arjun1307,

Try check the selector if any static values in aaname or inner text make it (*)

Hope this helps.


Hi @1996 as you can see in the screen shot i shared there is this value - 11755751. So basically i need to change it to *, right?


Yes, you can change the aaname value to *, so that even the value changes it will work

Hope this helps you


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Hi i did try changing the static value to * but the issue still persist. Could you point out anything new i can try.

Hi i did try it but was not much helpful. Could you point out something else i can try.


disable inner text and give a try

also check the title is same or if it is changing then you can replace esign with *

Hope this helps you


Hi the issue still persist disabling inner text.