Get Text Selector Issue

Get Text activity does not get the selector of the number well.
It should be dynamic because every time the number will change.


change aaname = โ€˜*โ€™

Sorry for not mentioning that I might need to change the title also dynamic.

By the way apart from this, whatโ€™s the difference btwn aaname = โ€˜โ€™ and omitting aaname='โ€™ itself?

Thank you!

is it working??

Nope as soon as I changed the value of title into โ€œ*โ€

so the title also keep changing everytime??

Yeah because the number is product number and the title is product name: as product changes the title would change.

Please try this selector in text file .
Selector.txt (197 Bytes)

instead of <html app=โ€˜firefox.exeโ€™
replace with <html app=โ€˜chrome.exeโ€™

Not work! Thanks though.

Please try this selector
Selector.txt (194 Bytes)

I found a workaround.

  • I typed F6 in Chrome which goes to the address bar.
  • copied the address which has the product number.
  • split and got the final product number.

Thank you everyone!

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