Selector not working to get text from Amazon


NewActivity.xaml (10.0 KB)


I am practicing uipath selectors. Here I was trying to search book by its name extract price of it from Amazon and show it in message box. It is working fine upto search. But when I do gettext it is not working for when I run this for a different book.

I know something is wrong in selectors. but not sure how to fix it get the text. Can you please let us know what change I need to do.thanks in advance. Uploaded xmal and screenshot of the error and selector as well. Please help.


replace 333 with * and check.

Thanks a lot for the swift response. I changed 333 with *. Now it is not showing price at all. Its empty now. No error message No price.

Attaching updated selector.

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Sorry pathrudu. I didn’t understood. Do I need to make some changes. Please let me know how ?

open in Ui explorer and do the changes

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Thank you very much Pathrudu. It solved my issue!!