Selector doesnt recognize a button on the search and replace pop up in Excel


i have created an process in studio where i use Excel Afo to write some data into the connected database. to find the right project within Excel, i use the hotkey ctrl+F to open the “find and replace” pop up. On this pop up i click on “Options” to open the search through the whole workbook. On my local machine it works without any issues. But as soons as i used this process within a virtual machine, the selector can`t recognize the “Options” button.

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Can you please try from Ui-Explorer once ?

You could use click image to click the button instead


You can try with sending alt + t keys on that window :slight_smile:

hello, you have a few different options here. you can either change the selector targeting method from default to AA to see if that can recognize the field.

You can use hotkeys to tab and then enter in the information you want

you can also use computer vision which will be able to recognize the different the fields.

It’s probably a separate app being seen. Use another Use App/Browser activity, indicate that window, then see if activities inside the Use App/Browser can recognize the buttons.

Also, it could be as simple as needing to restart your computer. I’ve seen times where UiPath acts strangely and a reboot fixes it.

Hi @Schlosser_Tobias,

Could the Excel versions be different? Can you check ?


Hello @Schlosser_Tobias

Only for this excel you are facing this issue or for other ui automation also?

Can you try once with the App/Web recorder.

Hi @muhammedyuzuak,

yes on the VM is another version (2205) as of my local machine (2108).


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