Selector Error getting while running from Orchestrator

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i am Facing below error can somebody help me to get it fix?

  1. when i open excel and run the Bot no selector issue the same process when i run after closing excel then the bot unable to find pop up selector.

Screen shared below for reference
this is the pop up

but when i opened excel and run the bot then bot able to find selector

Thanks a lot in advance

If you have done Find and Replace using UiAutomation, it needs Excel to be in open state. Can you post your excel sequence screenshot if it is not having sensitive information.

Thank you @Sugumar8785 PFB screenshot


trying to replace / data rows around 10000

I was asking your workflow screenshot

@Sugumar8785 sorry, i was using basic activities PFB…

Hi @GovardhanReddy

please check your selectors. Maybe the title is still there and when you open it, it can’t find the UI element.

i disabled title and tried still same issue bro

try to change selector mode (press F2 while indicating)
sometimes this helps with differences between debug and running mode

yeah @lena2505 thank you but in this case pop only not showing

Hi @GovardhanReddy
please share your Xaml file, if it doesn’t contain sensitive information to better understand where the issue is.


Hi @GovardhanReddy, as @Sugumar8785 mentioned earlier, Excel file need to be open in order to run successfully or you can use the sample workflow i have provided, it will read the particular column you wanted to “Find and Replace” and then loops through one by one and replace it using the Regex and writes the data back to the same column.

this output shows the data being read from the excel file before replacing the “/”
output.txt (2.0 KB)

Workflow. (10.0 KB)

if you going through with 2nd option u can completely remove the multiple steps, as these works in the background

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Thanks a lot and got it now

wat was solution

Time taken activity :grinning: continue on errors works

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Thanks for sharing