Attach window selector is not working from another machine

I have done some recording within excel sheet like click border click bold click format… This clicking functionality is working fine in my two machines. But from client machine selector is not identifying and giving issue in this click functionality. What I need to do?Excel sheet name is same for both cases.

Kindly ensure that selector is made in a dynamic way like replace all the Dynamic attribute values with wild cards *

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It is working in another machine. will it happen for uipath version?

May I know what error we are getting
Is it like selector issue or not able to access the element
If it’s a selector issue like cannot fine the element then we need to mange the selectors
Or if uipath is not able to click on the element then we can try enabling certain activity like simulate click property in click activity and simulate type in type into activity

Cheers @m.kundu

yes unable to identify selector. But same project when i run from other machines it work fine

Then we need to make changes with the selector
Like it must be made in the other machines (where it was working fine) in such a way that the selector takes dynamic attribute values
If so replace those attributes values in wild cards *

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Could you please show me screenshot of that selector. So that we can check and help you.

Once delete cls attribute from selector and then try once.

this error I am getting

anyone help?

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Sure in title attribute mention like this
title = ‘*’

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yes I did but not working

Is excel application installed in their machine and check once selecting that button in their machine with same click activity so that we would be able to check the selector change

Cheers @m.kundu

Yes, ‘indicate on screen’ method they have selected their window…but then also selector is not recognising.