Recording Selector Issue - 2018.3

Hi, I recently installed enterprise 2018.3. My selector is not working well as before. It cannot select anything and selects the whole page.
It works for IE but not working for excel desktop app.

Any idea why?

Thank you xoxo

One reason could be invalid selector , can you use click image ?

@skini76 I need to save the excel file. So i am sending hotkey ctrl + s, then it appears likes this. I need to click on browse option but it is not letting me

To Save as option, use short cut Ctrl + Shift + s

Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri, ctrl+shift+s doesn’t work. I am using excel 2016

Then try F12.

You can perform the same without hot keys ie via menu options…

Hi, could you please explain more? I am trying to do that however, if u refer above, my selector doesn’t identify individual elements.


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