Selecting the dropdown in the excel cell with user given input

Hello Friends,

I need help around selecting an appropriate dropdown from the excel cell with user given input. The dropdown list consist of date, at the beginning of the sequence I have added an input dialog box which ask for the date and stores in a variable. I want to use this as input variable to select from the dropdown.
any suggestions how to incorporate this ask in Uipath?

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–once after getting the input from user, use a START PROCESS activity and pass the file path of excel as input
–this will open the file and once opened we can use click activity to click on the dropdown button
–i wonder whether select item activity will work or not, i haven’t used it, kindly try once and let know for any queries or clarification
or we can use type into activity and pass the input obtained from user here

Cheers @Rita_Balmukund_Jaisw

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Thank you for the help. Instead of Start process I used write cell activity, where I directly inputted the user input through variable. this is also giving me an satisfactory result.

Cheers @Rita_Balmukund_Jaisw