Is it possible to select a dropdown which input are being fetched from an excels sheet?

I am trying to select dropdown based on my excel sheet but wasn’t able to do it.

Can you please elaborate on which issue you are facing?

Thanks For Responding. I want to select one of the dropdown items given in image 1.

But I want to select the item based on the data given in my excel sheet.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a solution about how to do it since I am just a beginner.

You can use Select Item Activity of Uipath.
Select Item Activity - UiPath

And to use Excel data as your Input you can use For Each Row Activity of Excel DT and pass Expression

Let me know if you have any Query.


I tried what you instructed and while using the select item tool it was indicating that "the selected item isn’t a valid UI element for the Select item.

1.Than You can use Click activity to Click on that Dropdown Element and
2.Use Click text activity to Select Input from Excel.

Thanks for helping. It worked for me :slight_smile:

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