Selecting from drop down box

I have an excel sheet that stores the data and I need to select it from a drop down box in a third party system. I already store the data as a variable. How can select the correct item from the drop box according to the excel?

Hi @qaz1

It is actually quite simple. Pass your string Variable like that:

Store the value in a variable, either select the element OR select the image, use the typeinto to pass the key strokes & finally press enter (hot key).

I get this error.


sorry i am new to UiPath. I dont understand how i can select the element

Could you post a screenshot of the dropdown menu to suggest the best approach?

So basically, in the excel sheet there would be present and not present. So when i want to enter it into the system, it would be a drop down box like this.


Okay, does the menu show up on a click or on hover?

If the former, use the Click activity to open the menu. If the latter, use Hover activity.

Next step is to click the correct option that matches your excel input. I assume you already have the string “Present” assigned to a variable, let’s call it selectString.

From here, you have a few options. The easiest would be to use Click Text activity and feed it your variable name, like this:

Alternatively, you will want to use a simple Click activity with an appropriate selector. It is possible to construct a selector that uses your variable (this is what I would go for personally). You can use UiExplorer to see produce the selector

My menu shows up on a click.

I have this error now. Sorry to bother you!!!

kindly share your .xaml file



DROPDOWN.xaml (7.1 KB)

Hi @qaz1

It looks like it is an issue with Chrome extension. Could you try in internet Explorer?

If not, maybe a simple click activity with proper selector will work.

Where you need to select drop down list (i.e website or application)

kindly share me the excel file too


Is it possible to select a menu using key board ie if I press “P” - present is clicked ?

Hi @qaz1

See attached XAML file for reference. It does exactly what you want :slight_smile:
It uses a variable to make a selector:

SelectDropDown.xaml (9.6 KB)

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Thank you so much.

@loginerror @Aravind Hello can u pls suggest me how to do click on drop down box and select the value. For info pls check the screenshot.