Selecting the date from date picker calendar in webpage


I am trying to select a date from date pick calendar in particular web page. Date field in the web page is not editable hence i need to select a date from the date pick calendar. I have recorded the sequence to select a date from the date picker but when i tried to run the recorded sequence, It is not selecting the date.

I have also noticed that date pick calendar can be dragged anywhere within the screen. I am reading the date from excel file and passing it to variable. Using this variable, i am trying to select respective date from date picker.

Please find the below screen of the destination web page with date pick calendar.

Any assistance would be much appreciated and helpful.

@ssankar, Can you post the

  • Selector
  • Screenshot of error (if any)
  • Xaml (if possible)

So that everyone here might get a detailed overview of what is wrong and give you a solution ?

Dom :slight_smile:

I have recorded the sequence. Please find the Xaml for reference.

When i running the workflow, it is opening the calendar but not selecting any dates.

Date picker.xaml (9.0 KB)

please check the weather you could able to find aaname property in uiexplorer if available pass date as variable. if aaname is not available then try some iterations based on column and row idexes and pass them as variables

if aaname is available
“<webctrl id=’’ tag=‘DIV’ aaname=’’ parentclass=’’ />”

“<webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>table>tbody>tr>td’ tableCol=‘2’ tableRow=‘7’ tag=‘TD’ />”


Could anyone please tell the solution or give a sample code on how to pick the date from the calender format when the text box is not editable

Hi @Sravya_vds,

Can you please try Set Text and pass the dateformat as string. It worked for me.



I tried the same, it is inputting date but the calendar is not closing after doing so. It needs to be closed to input in other text fields. Any idea how to do so?

Hi @Mintu_Sinha

Any chance you could use hotkeys to confirm your selection? Maybe sending an Esc key will close the calendar with the date being saved.

I made a YouTube video explaining how to do this. Hope it helps!

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Very good explanation !!! a lot of things learnt from this video

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I am trying to pick date from exactly same calendar, but I couldn’t succeed it. Actually, I can pick date from first calendar correctly but after that, when program tries to pick date from second calendar, it stucks. But code for second calender works when I try to run it seperately. It is very strange. Maybe selectors are changing after first date selection.

Did you manage to pick date from calendar, if you did, could you share your code?