Problem with date picker

Hello everyone !

I’m struggling trying to pick a date in a web calendar.
I’ve tried to put the day variable into the selector but it doesn’t validate and I tried to “Click text” and there again it doesn’t find the day.

I’m out of ideas, I tried adjusting so many things but in the end nothing worked.

If someone has something in mind I’ll be pleased to try it.

Have a nice day !


Could you show us how the date picker look like? is it available to type the date on it?

Use click activity in selectors aaname you can pass

aaname = (Convert.ToInt32((“30/01/2020”).Split("/“c)(0))/10).ToString.Split(”."c)(1).ToString)

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Amar S. Yelane

Unfortunately no, we can only click on the calendar.

It didn’t work, but I don’t get what it was supposed to do.

Believe that the date picker will not appear till you click the date box?

if the day is selected, will the selector change? and your selector there is no “day” to choose?

You are right, we have to click before it appears.

Whatever the day selected, the selector will be:

There is only the aaname and innertext that show the day, nothing in the Selector Editor.

In the Visual Tree, the previous node has the full date in the “aria-label”.

Therefore it wont appear until you click the date box.

Before you click the date, could you click the date box first and wait the selector / elements exits?


is that date will change for every time? if no

try to use Computer vision then start the recording.

if yes(And the date will be dynamic).

use the computer vision then try to change the selector

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Nothing more appears.

What I find strange is that the variable is working. The day change, the column and row number change accordingly in the selectors, but still unable to click.

Hey !
Indeed it needs to be dynamic.

With CV it does the same, with have the same selector and they change with the variable but here again it won’t click on it.

could you change the index selector (day/row/columns) into a variable, and assign the variable before you click on it?

Do you mean during the debug mode, in the local pannel, I enter specific datas in the variables to see if, when the coordinates are given, it can click on the date ?

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It will not click on the day specified in the variable with the selectors (day / row / columns), but it will click at least.