How to select date,month and year from date picker

how to select month from date picker?


@parvati, check this link: Selecting the date from date picker calendar in webpage

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i want to select month…?

from dropdown…

Try to use Select Item Activity

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it is not working for that, any other solution for that?

Is this Regarding assignment 2 in Level 3.?

Is it possible to do with Type into or click text activities?

may be you can try with Select Item with Simulate Click and WaitForReady to None.

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expand the datatimepicker, and the month, use UI explorer for the entire month dropdown to get a selector generated…

Then make the selector dynamic to select any month name by adding a variable that holds the month which you want to select

Does it help?

can u explain me how to do that?

hi @parvati,
You can find that part in the below xaml fileMain.xaml (80.3 KB)

Refer below