Selecting Folder/File in forms


is it possible to add a component that would allow user to navigate to and select a folder or a file, similar to the “Select Folder/File” System Dialog activities?

I know that a workaround would be a simple text input, where the user could paste the path in, but having a dialog screen pup up is definitely preferable and easier for the user.

Thank you!

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What about SelectFile/SelectFolder activities?


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Yep, need that exact same functionality but in a form - these are one-by-one, and in my use-case business user would need to select 2-3 different files and folders. Having these selections in a form is much cleaner and faster than 6 different pop-ups.

I suppose you could only achieve this by custom .NET code… :frowning:

This would definitely be a nice feature! I also have a workflow where user has to check a box whether they would like to input some data or “attach” a file containing the data. Right now they will need to input the file path, it would be a lot more user friendly and less error prone if they could select the file directly in the form via a dialog.

If I’m understanding correctly, I had the same desire to make a more user-friendly directory file select (not file name copy/paste) step at the beginning of an invoice processing workflow. See the solution provided by @Dave


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That was so helpful, May I know that I am not getting the dialog box to give the folder option, Earlier it worked but now it’s not working.
I checked all the packages and even updated, but this was not there one week before it was working but not now.


Can you send .xaml?