File path for Custom activities

Hi everyone,
I am building a custom activity which needs to take file path as an input. Currently succeeded to pass a string as file path for the input.But i need to optimize that input field to browse the file path.
Does anyone provide me a solution for this matter, i would be so grateful.
Thank you

selectFile.xaml (3.9 KB)

Try this…!


hi @senani.m,

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Select Folder can be used to get an Input Dialog

More ever from an reusable component point of view - You should keep the path as Input Argument to the workfllow for better reusability and then inside the component we validate if the Path provided in correct or not. IF Incorrect - we raise an exception to the user.

Path Can be verified using below activity :


Thank you for the support. Instead of using inbuilt UiPath activities, is there any possibility to use .net codes for implement the same process?


Im uncertain on how to use it in a InArgument<> ?